Weekly Reflections for July 10, 2022

“Where I Find God”

It seems that when the world is in the middle of a crisis, some will ask – “Where is God while this happening?” Amid the terror, confusion, and shock of the events on September 11th, a neighbor asked me this same question. At first, I was at a loss for words. But as I watched the news coverage, I realized exactly where God was in all of this. I saw Him in the face of the firefighters and police officers as they attempted rescue from the wreckage. I saw Him in the face of those who were fleeing the city. I saw Him in the face of the news reporters on the scene.

As Catholic Christians, we are challenged to find God in everyone we meet. It is easy to find Him in the face of a newborn, a toddler, a parent, a grandparent. It is difficult to see Him in the face of a stranger, a terrorist, or a pedophile.

God is in the silence. He is at the door to our hearts, knocking, hoping we will let Him enter. He sends us constant reminders that He is always near – in the gentle breeze, in the flower that grows out of the crack of a ruined building, in the beauty of the clouds and the vibrant colors of an evening sunset.

Where do I find God? I find Him everywhere. He is in the beauty of this world and the ugliness, in the faces of the poor and sick, in the glories and the defeats. My secret to seeing Him in all of this. I find Him when I look for through the eyes of faith – changing my mindset to see the good amid the evil. Look for Him – He is there.

Angie Rebbert