Weekly Reflections for February 26, 2023

St Francis de Sales said, “Lent is the autumn of our spiritual life during which we gather the fruit to keep us going for the rest of the year.” In the autumn we harvest apples, pears, cranberries, pumpkins, squash and so much more. In order to do that we gather the proper tools and go to the orchards and farms, in Lent we too must properly prepare – seeking a deeper more meaningful relationship with the Lord.

Often to assist us on this journey we give up something – chocolate, soda, desserts, doughnuts, or the like. This year, prayerfully ask God how to observe Lent best and make more room for him in your life. Will you donate the money you would have spent to the church or other charitable cause? Will you pray each time you’re tempted by one of these treats? And how will you help your children grow in their relationship with God? How can you model and teach your children to deepen their prayer life? Giving alms? Fasting? And remember fasting isn’t always about food, it can be habits or things which distract us from our relationship with God. Maybe it’s skipping the Friday night movie, attending Stations of the Cross, or donating toys, clothes, or other items that are no longer needed but in good condition. No matter what you do, remember, lent is the time to “gather your spiritual fruit for the year”, what will you and your family harvest?

— Ashley Letsche

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