Weekly Reflections for February 20, 2022

We began our journey with Patrick Blasdell of Prince Of Peace parish last November as he spoke of his discernment process for the priesthood. Below are Patrick’s thoughts on mass attendance.

Q – Why do you go to Mass on Sunday?

A – The easy answer is that we are obliged as a Roman Catholic to attend mass every Sunday.

Q – Is that the only reason you go?

A – Of course not. I go to receive the Lord through the Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist. I go to worship in a faith-filled community.

Q – Did you always feel that way?

A – When I was younger I went to church because my parents made me. There were times I hated going because it felt like the mass went on forever. Ironically, there are times now when it feels like the mass ends too soon.

Q – What changed?

A – I did. As I matured, so did my faith. My relationship with Jesus became personal, which in turn, changed my feelings about mass. It is there that I am strengthened to serve Him and to share the Good News with the world.

Q – Why do you go to mass now?

A – Christ gave us the mass and the Eucharist out of His immeasurable love for us. He asks that we do it in memory of Him. Jesus gave me salvation and eternal life, the least I can do is attend mass once a week. Ultimately, I go to mass because I love the Lord and want to serve Him.

Why do you go not go to mass? Jesus is waiting for your answer.

– Patrick Blasdell & Patrick Perkins