Weekly Reflections for December 18, 2022

Experiencing Christmas Through Children’s Eyes

I’ve been blessed for the past 10 years to watch Christmas unfold through the eyes of my husband’s siblings, my nephew and my own girls. Seeing how they light up and drink in the magic of the holiday makes the work worth it. And let’s be honest, we put so much work into the holiday season.  We get caught up in the work of decorating, organizing the events and being Santa’s helper so often we miss experiencing the season. There is a well-orchestrated schedule of events for work, school, church, and our own families, and don’t forget the shopping. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that we miss the toddler discovering the twinkling lights, the joy a small child has when they belt out carols, the pride your children have then they wrap their treasures to give to family. This year is something extra special for me, because my oldest is teaching my youngest “the ropes” of the holidays. She has taken painstaking detail in explaining what happens to her baby sister, even dragging her crying sister up to St. Nick at breakfast. But to me, those are the sweetest moments, and ones I hope to look back on for decades to come as I see my girls create more and more memories. As parents we help make the magic happen, and that’s a heavy lift, but try and take some time this season to be present in the moment. There is lots of work to do, decorating, shopping, party planning and so much more, but I challenge you to be present with your children. Let the magic of the season take over as we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

— Ashley Letsche

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