Weekly Reflection 7/11/2021

Fifteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time
July 10-11, 2021


It has certainly been an interesting year! There have been so many roadblocks thrown in our pathways during this pandemic. Our faith has been challenged in so many ways. How do we remain faithful when it seems impossible to practice our faith?

So, we found ways to have drive-by confession, watch and participate in the Mass livestreamed to our homes, continue our child’s faith formation by participating in religious education classes via home study and virtual learning, and be able to have an RCIA program via Zoom to welcome new members to the Church at the Easter Vigil. God saw that this was good, and He was pleased.

Our in-class faith formation program for Kindergarten through Grade 5 took on new meaning for the parents of those children. Since we were unable to hold these classes due to COVID, parents were called upon to teach their children. This was a challenging task. Then again, when we think about it, parents ARE the first faith teachers for their children. This year provided us with the wonderful experience of sitting down with our children and sharing our faith. Maybe it was also an opportunity to revisit parts of our faith we have forgotten. Maybe this year was the Lord’s way of telling us to remember Him in our lives and teach our children to rely on Him always. God saw that this was good, and He was pleased.

Now that life is returning to “normal,” we are challenged to continue teaching our young people and modeling how to live as faithful, caring individuals. If we work together to ensure that this happens, I am certain that God will see that this is good and He will be pleased.