Weekly Reflection 2/3/19


Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time

February 2-3, 2019


            Do you remember when your parents would try to tell you something but you wouldn’t listen?  Then someone else, sometimes a stranger, would tell you the same thing and you would follow their advice?  Some of us have had children of our own, only to have the same thing happen to us.  Why is it so hard to see the wisdom, or for that matter, the godliness in those closest to us?  Why is it so hard for those closest to us to heed our words?

            It is a reality Jesus understood all too well.  In last week’s Gospel He returned to his home town of Nazareth and proclaimed Isaiah’s Messianic message to those assembled in the synagogue.  Jesus concluded by announcing, “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”  This week’s Gospel picks up with that phrase.

            After first being impressed by His wisdom, those in attendance began to question the credibility of their neighbor turned prophet.  They knew Jesus, His parents, and His past.  Quickly the crowd turned against Jesus and they were poised to kill Him.  Instead, Christ walked through their midst, leaving Nazareth behind Him and continuing His ministry.  He has now passed His ministry on to us.

            As the Lord told Jeremiah, He reminds us that He formed us in the womb and dedicated us to be a prophet before we were born.  How are we doing as prophets?  God is not asking us to be the Messiah or Jeremiah, but we are called to bring Jesus to the world, or at least to our world.

            We may not go before Kings as did the Old Testament Prophets, or stand before the congregation and bear witness, but we can proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in our own unique way.  We can do it by how we treat others, beginning with our family and friends.

            St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians gives us instruction on this matter.  Spread the Good News through our faith, hope and love.  Treat others with kindness and patience.  Do not be jealous, pompous, rude, selfish, or quick tempered.  Rejoice in the truth.  Above all, love.  If we do, we shall endure.  We will never fail.

                     ~   Patrick J. Perkins