Jubilee – Stewardship

I am the Stewardship representative for St. Francis de Sales parish.  Each month I’m responsible for updating the Pastoral Council on the efforts of our parishioners to be good stewards of our parish. Thus, the bulk of my reporting centers around news concerning parish finances and facilities. As we celebrate our past this Jubilee year, we need only to look at the last few years as proof that we are strong enough to weather any changes that come our way.  As the slogan says, We are St. Francis de Sales and should be proud that we have continued to support and maintain the parish and its missions.

St. Francis is a young, active parish despite being around 150 years, that plays an important role in our community both educating our youth and feeding the poor.  In order to keep up with these God given missions, the parish has joined the Catholic initiative, entitled Embracing Our Mission – Shaping Our Future.  Through this program we are financially supporting our efforts to renovate the Rev. Michael Schleupner education building and provide space for the St. Vincent de Paul outreach program.  I look forward to the day when we can put these plans into action – as stewards of both our parish and its criticalactivities.

God continues to provide the tools we need to keep us going, but he also asks us to use our time and talents to take care of the gifts that he has given to us.  I am proud to be part of a parish that takes this responsibility so seriously, and I look forward to helping the parish as we continue “Shaping Our Future”. By John Fisher               REMEMBER WE ARE ST. FRANCIS!!