Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes: June 2015

Click for a PDF version of the APPROVED Pastoral Council June 2015 Minutes.

St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council
Meeting Minutes
June 23, 2015

Attendees: Susan Gallagher, John Fisher, Sylvia Brokos, Sally Raphel, Alice Long, and Father Jack Ward.
Also attending: Bill Bankert (Corporator) and Beth Poggioli.

Absent: Erin Perkins, Mary Ann Palmer, Ray Traube, Kathy Glover, Iris Hernandez, Rob Hardy, Carolyn
Webster, and Brennan Traube

Order: Susan Gallagher brought the meeting to order at 7:11 PM.

Opening Prayer: The Embracing Our Mission – Shaping our Future prayer was said by all.

Approval of Minutes: No votes were taken as there were not enough members present to make a

Parish Update  

Beth Poggioli presented the FY16 budget.  Areas on both the income and expense sides were brought
closer to actual historical values than in past budgets to present a more realistic picture of where the
parish stands.    Although there were not enough members present to vote on the budget, Fr. Jack
suggested that a member of the finance committee attend Council meetings on a quarterly basis so that
the Council may have current information on parish finances.  Areas that need we need to focus on are
evaluating preschool tuition, fun(d)raising, and electronic giving (which is going to be a diocese wide

He also has asked that one of the corporators be present at each Council meeting so Bill Bankert was in

The mold in two of the classrooms in the Education Building is serious enough that we cannot allow
children in these rooms until the issue is corrected.  This has been an ongoing issue for some time and
none of the suggested solutions hassolved the problem.  The latest recommendation isto build an outside
wall with flashing between the current and the new wall—estimated cost is $40,000.00.  If the problem is
not corrected by September, then these rooms will have to be used for another purpose. There was a long
discussion of this issue and Father Jack is of the opinion that we do not have legal recourse but is willing
to discuss this issue with archdiocesan counsel.

The smallest of the three A/C compressors is inoperable.  This specific compressor is designed to support
the two large compressors.  The estimate to replace that single compressor is $15,000.00.  As we know
that the entire A/C system needs to be replaced due to age, Fr. Jack would prefer not to do anything with
this small compressor and wait until next year when we will have to replace the entire system.  There was
another meeting with an HVAC contractor scheduled for Thursday, June 25.

Currently there is a total of $211,000.00 on deposit with the archdiocese.  There is $113,000.00 in the IPLF
fund and $98,000.00 in our Embracing the Mission Fund.  Father is intending to use these funds for the
mold repair and HVAC.

Fr. Jack received his official letter appointing him Pastor.

Susan gave a short report on the Jubilee Planning Committee but due to the length of the financial
discussions, no other ministry reports were presented.  There will be no meeting in July and the next
meeting will be August 25th.

Sally Raphel prepared the closing prayer which was said by all.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sylvia Brokos