Jubilee Update: St. Francis de Sales 1866-2015 by William F. Turner

Stone Chapel sketchThis rendering of the Stone Chapel titled St. Francis de Sales 1866-2015 comes from a local artist William F. Turner of Churchville. The original sketch of St. Francis de Sales done by Mr. Turner is among 375 he has done of Harford County buildings. St. Francis de Sales Church pen sketch was published in Picturesque Harford County: The Artistic Impressions of William F. Turner, Nov 1997. He described our church as a “lovely old stone chapel… built in 1886 by members of that parish who donated their time, talent and money.” Named a historic landmark, described as a “Romanesque, fieldstone, cruciform structure, it is truly unique, gives a strong visual impression and is a charming church building.” We are grateful for Mr. Turner’s permission to use his wonderful picture.

You will find multiple occasions to see this sketch during the Jubilee Year and can have your very own copy, such as note cards of the sketch available beginning at the Parish Picnic and after all Sunday Masses in September. The Jubilee Committee will be selling packets of ten note cards, printed with a sketching of our Stone Chapel.  For only $10.00, you can own these limited edition cards and help support the Jubilee Year events.The cards make perfect gifts for those who have or had a connection with our caring community.

Remember, We Are St. Francis de Sales!