Jubilee: Final Post

Final Jubilee Bulletin for Jan 21-22

 Halleluiah Halleluiah  Halleluiah!

The Year of Celebration is ended: the 150th anniversary of Stone Chapel, the 50th anniversary as a dedicated Parish and the 25th year of the Worship Center. See Father Jack’s Proclamation in this Bulletin.

We are most proud of our caring, loving, giving community. The Jubilee Committee thanks all who have contributed to the exciting journey of 2016 and before. We recognize those who dedicated flowers to our celebration closing Mass:  Martine Uveges and  Jack Flynn – In Honor of John & Violet Flynn.

The 2014-2017 Jubilee Committee

Sylvia Brokos                                      Mary Ann Palmer

John Fisher                                         Patrick Perkins

Molly Gallagher                                  Erin Perkins

Susan Gallagher                                Sally Raphel

Kathy Glover                                      Mary Rose

Rob Hardy                                          Rev. Jack Ward

Iris Hernandez                                    Rev Jaime Garcia

Julie Lindner                                       Angela Rebbert

Diane Lewis                                        Deacon Alex Rodriguez

Alice Long                                          Ray Traube

Stasia Lozinak                                     Deacon Jim Sullivan

Elizabeth McFadden                           Gregory J Ward

Carolyn Webster                                 Danny Velez                                         

Tammy Zavislan