Jubilee Committee

Chairperson:  Patrick Perkins 

410-615-9153 or pjperkinslaw@aol.com

The Jubilee Committee has completed its initial goals of bringing the parish together, celebrating milestones around the parish, and culminating the year with a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Lori. The committee would like to regroup in the month of March 2017 to summarize the past year and find out what items introduced by the committee were successful and what can be expanded upon. If anything stood out to you and made an impression, please contact the committee to help grow the Church and expand on new methods of outreach for the future.

Schedule: Meets Second Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Meeting Room 1

Pictures from the Jubilee Mass and the dinner that followed can be found on the photographer’s website.

Check future bulletins and with Jubilee Committee Members: Susan Gallagher, Sylvia Brokos, Stasia Baier, John Fisher, Kathy Glover, Nikki Gorski, Rob Hardy, Iris Hernandez, Diane Lewis, Julie Lindner, Alice Long, Elizabeth McFadden, Mary Ann Palmer, Erin Perkins, Patrick Perkins, Sally Raphel, Angie Rebbert, Mary Rose, Deacon Jim Sullivan, Brennan Traube, Ray Traube, Carolyn Webster or Tami Zavislan for updates and ways to actively participate.

More details about the year long celebration