From the Deacon’s Desk January 2, 2022

Dear Friends:

Today is the feast of the Epiphany. This is the day the Pagan world pays homage to the baby Jesus. They came in the form of “Magi.” No one is really sure whether the Magi were kings, astronomers, or nobles. We do know they came from a faraway place to offer their homage. A new star appearing in the sky was a sign in ancient times of a newborn king. The Magi brought him gifts suited for a king. They honored his humanity with the gift of gold, a precious metal that would be offered to a king. They gave him frankincense; when burned, the smoke rises to the heavens. It is a gift to honor his deity. Myrrh is an ointment used at a person’s death. This was to honor Jesus‘ death on the cross.

In our Gospel reading from Matthew 2:1–12, we hear the story of how King Herod was trying to trick the Magi into telling him where this newborn king lived. He said he wanted to pay him homage. That was not the truth. Herod only wanted to get rid of any competition.

This story shows us that even royalty from other countries believed that Jesus was both God and Man! These Magi traveled many miles on camels to pay homage to the newborn King! What a beautiful testimony to the son of God and the legacy of his life here on earth. Perhaps we can take a few moments this Sunday to think about what happened so many thousands of years ago. God himself came to earth to be one of us. The rest is history.

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim