From the Deacon’s Desk 11/29/2020

Dear Friends:

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Today we hear from the prophet Isaiah 63:16B-17, 19B; 64:2-7. The Israelites have been in exile for many years. They now are returning to Jerusalem. Everything they held dear for so long has gone. They begged God to help them to be better Jews. They ask the Lord to be with them now as he was before the exile. They feel deserted and they realize that it is not God who deserted them but they who deserted God. At the end of the reading they say “Yet, O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you are the potter: we are all the work of your hands.”

I think it’s very moving to hear the Israelites, after so much strife and hard times, to realize that God is in charge and that we are all the work of his hands. The Jews suffered greatly in exile always yearning for their homeland. Now they are returning to start over. The last line of that reading shows that they truly understand that God was always with them. What they are saying is because God is the potter he will work with them once again to be the people of God they once were. They need only watch and listen to what God has to say to them.

Our Gospel today is from Mark 13:37. It’s a reminder to us that Advent is a time of watching and waiting. It’s a time of discernment the time to listen to what God has to say to us so that we will be ready when Jesus comes. Jesus tells us that we do not know when he will come. It may be early in the morning or late at night it could be any day of the week. We just don’t know!

Be watchful and listen during this season of Advent. Remember that God is the potter and we are the results of his work. Watch and wait because Jesus is coming!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim

Can you imagine being away from home for a very long time? No visits no contact wishing to be back soon. That has been part of the struggle we’ve had with the Corona Virus. We are separated from those we love and the things we like to do. Pray daily that this situation will be gone soon. Pray that we can resume our lives to live in peace and love.