A Moment with Msgr. Woy 1/23/22

Dear Friends,

It is a busy weekend. This is the Sunday of the Word of God in our Catholic Church as well as the feast day of St. Francis de Sales. Instituted by Pope Francis in 2019, the Sunday of the Word of God is meant to emphasize the place and importance of God’s word in our lives as disciples of Jesus. We believe that the Bible (sacred scripture) is the inspired word of God. Written under the influence (inspiration) of the Holy Spirit, the Bible contains the truths necessary for salvation. The Second Vatican Council teaches that through the scriptures, God speaks “heart to heart” to his people. If you want to know what God thinks and expects of us, read the sacred scriptures.

For Catholics, our highest form of prayer and worship is the celebration of Mass. The Church teaches us that the Lord is present in four very unique and powerful ways during the celebration of every Mass: in the worshiping community; the ordained priest; the scripture readings; and in the Eucharistic bread and wine. This weekend, the preacher will focus on the presence of God in sacred scripture. There will be a blessing of bibles at each Mass this weekend, so we encourage families to bring their bibles to Mass.

St. Francis de Sales (1567–1622) was the Bishop of Geneva and is noted for his deep faith and gentle approach to people of different faiths. His Introduction to the Devout Life is considered a spiritual classic. (Hint: this might be a good book to read during Lent. It’s available on Amazon.com). St. Francis de Sales, pray for us!

Upcoming Events:

SFDS Preschool Open House                       February 5th, 9-11 AM

Ash Wednesday

March 2nd (Stay tuned for details)

POP (AOH) St. Patrick’s Celebration

March 5th, 6-10 PM

SFDS (KoC) St. Patrick’s Day Dance

March 12th, 6-11 PM

Have a Good Week!

Msgr. Woy