Jubilee – Blessed Mother

Dear Friends:
Many of our Christian brothers and sisters have expressed concern about the Blessed Mother and how she fits into our Catholic lives. I’ve always thought that the Blessed Mother is a very special friend. She is the mother of Jesus, and because she is also the mother the church, she is our mother too. While children have a very special relationship with their mothers, many adults tell me their mothers are their best friends.
That’s how I like to think of Mary our mother. She is a very special friend. Many times we Catholics are accused of worshiping Mary instead of God. That simply is not the case. We pray (ask) Mary to pray for us. As she has been declared to be in heaven, we ask Mary to help us with her prayers. We ask her to pray to her son Jesus for us, our families, and friends and perhaps help with a difficult time we are experiencing in our lives.
We wouldn’t hesitate to ask our friends and family to pray for us, so we shouldn’t hesitate to ask the Blessed Mother either. As mother of Jesus, and our Mother too, I know she’ll be glad to oblige.  Here is a favorite prayer of mine:
Holy Mary Mother of God, ask your son to show us what it is he wants us to be and then dear mother show us how to be just that. Amen.
This is a reverent way to start Mary’s special Month—May.      Deacon Jim                        
                          REMEMBER WE ARE St. FRANCIS !!