Weekly Reflection: 2nd Sunday of Easter

2nd Sunday of Easter

April 23, 2017

BB p. 148

       The reality of Resurrection is slowly understood.  The wisdom of the Church gives us seven weeks to reflect and ponder both the implications of Resurrection for Jesus and for ourselves. The Easter readings throughout the entire season caution us against a surface faith – an assumption that the third day was a quick fix for evil.  It took the disciples’ time to grasp the reality of Jesus’ resurrection.  So during these weeks of Easter let us consider where is Resurrection in our lives?  What evidence do we see of its power?  Just like Thomas, we would like some kind of material presence.

            In today’s readings, the presence of the post-Easter Jesus is revealed in the life of the community, and in the ‘breaking of the bread’ and in fear and doubt.  Unlike Thomas, who at first spurned the witness of others, there were others who saw the communal life of Jesus’ disciples and heard the teaching of the Apostles and they believed that Jesus had truly risen. So it is with us.  We search for tangible proof of the resurrection; this proof is found in the Christian community itself.  Here we see people devoted to the teaching of the apostles, breaking bread together, sharing their possessions with others and living in peace.  Here we find people dedicating their lives to the work of reconciliation in families, among races and nations.  Here we find people involved in works of justice and charity.  These are some tangible proofs of the resurrection.


     We too touch Jesus’ wounds by touching the wounds of the world. In faith, trust and mercy we do whatever we can to alleviate suffering and pain, no matter how small and insignificant our action may seem   In this way, we reveal the presence of the risen Jesus.  We can be signs of resurrection to people wherever we are.  We too can be the healing touch of the risen Christ in a world of suffering and violence.  We can be the ‘face of mercy’ in an unforgiving world.  We can be the reason others come to Christ Jesus and choose to follow him.  Jesus is truly risen and He lives in us.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!!!

~Beth Taneyhill