Weekly Reflection: 14th Sunday in OT



July 8-9, 2017

            A few weeks ago I was vacationing in Colonial Williamsburg with my family, as a pair of yoked oxen meandered down Duke of Gloucester Street, pulling a cart with their teamster guiding them.  Amazingly, these large animals moved in perfect synchronicity.

            As an individual, the ox is a strong beast, but as a team the oxen can pull a much greater weight.  The yoke allows them to share the burden.  Often a younger ox is yoked with a more experienced one, so they may learn from them.  As a yoked team, the oxen learn that in their dependence on each other they find their strength.

            It is the analogy of the yoke that Jesus uses in today’s Gospel.  There is no burden too great when our life is partnered with Christ.  No matter our troubles He will lighten our load.  In following our Lord and learning His way we will find a restful soul.

            What is it that labors on your heart?  That weighs on your mind?  Whatever it is, bring it to Jesus and he will take it from you.  Bind yourself to Christ and receive rest.  Yoke yourself to the Lord and be at peace.

            However, there is a catch.  As with the oxen, the desired effect is only achieved by walking each day, day after day, with Christ.  Only by being yoked to our Lord will we find salvation.

                                                                        Patrick J. Perkins