Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a collaborative and consulting body which meets once a month with the Pastor to provide an open, honest, and respectful forum of communication and dialogue regarding parish affairs.

Schedule:  Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month in Meeting Room 1.

Members of the church are invited to attend. It is possible that the council meetings may change so please check with a member of the Parish Council Executive Committee to confirm the date and time if you plan to attend.

Executive Committee

  • Chair, Jim Wilson
  • Vice-Chair, Herman Bush
  • Secretary, Martine Uveges

Ministry Representatives

  • : Parish Life
  • Herman Bush: Liturgy
  • : Connections
  • Nikki Gorski: Faith Formation
  • Bill Countess: Service
  • : Stewardship
  • Iris Hernandez: Latino Community
  • Eleanor Fisher: Youth

SFdS Bylaws

Minutes of the Pastoral Council


Pastoral Council Nominations

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The following are prerequisites for any candidate wishing to join the Pastoral Council:

  • Has attained the 10th grade level age by the edate of elections, and who;
  • Is a baptized, confirmed, and/or registered member in good standing of the parish, an who;
  • Maintains a public posture not inconsistent with Church teaching, and who;
  • Is a contributed member of the parish.