Weekly Reflection: 17th Sunday in OT



July 29-30, 2017


            It is a game that people of all ages have played for years.  If you had one wish what would it be?  Wealth?  Fame?  Fortune?  Or would you ask for health, popularity or security?  Most of us would think of our family, friends or ourselves.

            In today’s first reading the young Solomon was given this choice by God.  The newly anointed King was faced with ruling a nation.  All the wishes listed above would have been a reasonable request.  Who would have blamed him?  Yet Solomon asked for wisdom.  He looked beyond himself to the greater good; to God’s will.

            When we pray, we often ask God for specific things.  We beg God to take a terrible disease from a loved one or ourselves.  We ask Him for a way to help us out of a financial crisis.  We request that our Lord direct events to our benefit.  How often do we pray to God and include in our prayer the answer we want?

            Yet why do we have such a hard time following Solomon’s example?  In those moments when we cry out to the Lord, why do we not ask for wisdom, guidance or acceptance?  Why can’t we live our lives on God’s terms and not ours?

            If we could, we would find the Kingdom of Heaven and it would be the answer to all of our prayers.  We need nothing else to bring us peace.  All we have to do is to trust in and relinquish control to God.  Easier said than done.

                                                                    ~    Patrick J. Perkins